We are working towards better representation of female cardiologists in senior positions, along with greater numbers of women in cardiology.

From Burgess et al, JACC 2018

From Burgess et al, JACC 2018


Who we are

We are the Victorian working group of the national Women in Cardiology (WIC) initiative, a formal committee for women in Cardiology. We established the WIC network in 2018 to combat persistent underrepresentation of women in cardiology. The Victorian WIC group is composed of female cardiology trainees and cardiologists from different hospital sites and career stages.


“The gender gap in cardiology impacts on female students, trainees, physicians, cardiologists and our patients.”



The Women in Cardiology organisation aims to address the gender gap in Cardiology through mentoring, advocacy, professional collaboration and support. Activities include research into drivers of the gender gap from cardiology trainees right through to senior positions; structured advocacy at the college and departmental levels; networking evenings; and formalised mentoring.

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Heart disease in women

Part of the scope of the organisation will also be improving research and clinical management of heart disease in women. Given female cardiologists often see a higher proportion of female patients, we are in a position to advocate for better care for women with diseases such as non-obstructive coronary syndromes including microvascular angina and coronary vasospasm. This is aligned with current advocacy and promotional efforts from the Heart Foundation Australia, through their campaign “making the invisible visible”.



The proportion of a male cardiologist’s income that a female cardiologist earns.


Hospitals in Australia where a female interventional cardiologist is the sole female.


The proportion of cardiologists who are female.


Women in Cardiology is affiliated with the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand, and is supported by the Heart Foundation. This website pertains to the Victorian branch, however we welcome contact from interested parties around Australia. A similar group already exists in New South Wales, called Hearts and Heels.

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Get Involved

If you are interested in cardiology, or are a cardiologist or trainee, we welcome your involvement or interest. This group is not intended to be exclusive to women; rather, we hope to encourage better flexibility and harmony in the workplace which will benefit male and female cardiologists alike. Furthermore, we believe that increasing the proportion of female cardiologists will greatly diversify and enrich the skill set of cardiology, resulting in better patient care.