Work life balance

We plan to better understand how work-life balance varies across medical specialties, and within cardiology, according to gender. This will be administered through surveys delivered via a combination of social media platforms and professional societies. We believe it is important to understand what issues may exist, and how this may be affecting diversity within the workplace.

Barriers to females applying to cardiology

As detailed in the “about” section of the website, there is a significant drop-off of women in Cardiology relative to the proportion of females amongst doctors overall and in physician training. This suggests that females are less likely to apply to Cardiology, and may mean that the specialty misses out on talented training doctors.

We plan to better characterise what perceived barriers or challenges exist for medical students or residents who have an interest in Cardiology, but decide against it as a career. This may enable us to address these issues and encourage more women to apply for Cardiology.

How well do workplaces accommodate pregnancy

One consistent problem faced by women in Cardiology, particularly in interventional Cardiology, is how to continue to work whilst minimising harm from radiation exposure to the foetus. Workplaces should have structures to help female trainees and Cardiologists who are pregnant, and we aim to find out whether or not this is the case.